Friday, 20 February 2009

Star letter in Natural Health

On Wednesday evening I got home to find the new issue of Natural Health magazine had been posted to me. Remembering I had written a letter to them about going organic with clothes, I eagerly browsed to the letters page and what do I find? My letter is the star letter. And for that privilege, what do I get? A set of natural skincare products worth £80, yes, you saw right, £80. I was so excited as that is the most expensive prize I've ever won for any of my letters. I will probably take a photo of it when it comes and put it on here or on my website for all to see. If you buy Natural Health magazine, it is on page 93 and you can see the prize awarded at the bottom of the page.

On another good note. I phoned my publisher this morning to ask if they had an idea when Rosie will be published and answer was...possibly May. May!!! Hurrah. I will send the final proofs back to them next week, then they check it themselves for any errors, then they send me the cover proof, which I can't wait to see what cover they have chosen for me, then that is checked again and amended if need be, then it goes for printing. Oh my word. All exciting.

On the note of food intolerances. I can't wait to see what my results come up with next week as I had diarrhoea yesterday after eating chicken curry with lots of rice for dinner the night before or eating Millet porridge that morning. I ended up leaving work early, which I hated doing but I didn't feel right at all. Will let you know the results when I get them.

Back to work now.


Nell Dixon said...

Congratulations on the star letter. Can't wait to see your cover - it's always exciting seeing your cover for the first time.

Julie Day said...

Thanks Nell. I can't wait to get my advance copies. It is all so exciting for me. My first book. Yeee...