Tuesday, 17 February 2009


My mum phoned me earlier to say that there was a message from York Test lab's about my test and to ring them back. I did and it is as I thought, positive. I have paid for the next test, which scans for 113 foods I believe, and they use the blood sample from before for it. I now have to wait for the report to see which foods I am reacting to in my diet at the moment, and then get a support pack and an appointment on the phone with a nutritionist to discuss the results and what to do about them. V interested to read what foods they come up with, and if it includes foods I think I am intolerant to. Shall find out within 10 days.

On another note, I didn't go to the talk last week. I saw the weather forecast at lunch and saw the snow to come that evening. It did snow, and might have caused train problems if I'd gone. There's one in April I've been told so look forward to that one, wherever it is. Thankfully the snow had gone the next day so managed to go shopping that day.

I am back at work now, so must get on with it. Will put the results of my second test here when I get them, if I'm not in too much of shock.

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