Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I hate coughs and colds

I have got this horrible cold and cough going around at the moment. It started last week with a cold and on Friday I also got a bad nose bleed, which spoilt my day. I had paid to go to the talk by Neil Gaiman at the LSE but decided to cancel at the last minute, which was a shame because it sounded very good. It's now turned into a cough, which I do hope doesn't last for weeks on end like my usual ones do. It's already getting on my nerves here at work as I can't concentrate properly.

Meantime, I am busy working on Allie still. Just started the penultimate chapter today. Might do so proof reading of Rosie tonight as there isn't anything on tv apart from Home and Away. That's if I can concentrate on it properly with this cough.

Must get back to some work.


Nell said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Julie Day said...

So do I Nell. Although, in the past these coughs have lasted weeks.