Friday, 21 November 2008

New author talks

After a very nice, and fulfilling, dinner of ribeye steak, saute potatoes (of which there were so many I couldn't eat them all) and peas, last night I went to the British SCBWI talk given by 3 new authors, who have just had their first children's books published this year. They were Gemma Malley, Chris Bradford and BR Collins. Gemma has published The Declaration and The Resistance, both of which I bought, Chris has written the start of Young Samurai series again I bought that and BR (Bridget) wrote The Traitor Game. They all talked about their writing journeys and what they learnt and what they could have done differently. Chris had with him his samurai sword which he takes to his talks. I didn't see it properly but it looked impressive and I can imagine the reaction of what school boys would be on seeing that. I always find it interesting to read or hear other authors talk about their writing life and really enjoyed it last night. I even got talking to Gemma Malley about me being published next year and she wrote a message to me in both of the books, which I will read over the weekend.

My next writing do is the SE/London RNA Xmas buffet on 6th December which I look forward to each year, catching up with everyone and also eating good food.

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