Monday, 17 November 2008

Writing Update November

I have finally finished proofreading the first proofs of Rosie, and they will be posted back to Pegasus tomorrow. I wanted to photocopy them, which I did at work last Friday but the copier kept jamming and messed the pages up. Somehow it missed 4 pages so I had to do those today. Meanwhile, I've nearly finished Chapter 9 of Allie then one more chapter to write before I've finished the first draft. One thing that I've found is good from proofreading Rosie is that I can now see where I have gone wrong both text wise and grammar wise, esp grammar wise, so that I can put it right in Allie and hopefully not have so many grammar mistakes to correct next time. I have just written that Allie's enemy, Julia, has finally given in and seeing the error of her ways, and she will apologise to Allie by the end of the book.

I had a very busy weekend. Saturday I went Xmas shopping in Bromley and bought quite a few presents for my mum and brother and his partner. I also bought 2 zipped cardigans for myself, one pink and one cream, which should go with most colours (the cream one that is). Then in the afternoon my mum and I did the weekly food shopping and by that time it was mid-afternoon. Sunday morning we went to Dad's flat and did a final clearance and clean so that it's nice and clean for someone else to move into. Dad is still in hospital at the moment waiting for someone to assess for a care home, which hopefully will be this week as he's been told by someone that he will be discharged this Thursday. Fingers crossed. Mum doesn't want it going into next week because next Monday is my day off when we are going to the spa hotel in the afternoon, which we both deserve after the last couple of months, and Tuesday is my birthday.

Well, back to work now. Keep you posted.

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