Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I am busy proofreading my first proofs of Rosie and am enjoying it. I have already come across a couple words that they have changed and I disagree with. The first one was 'lie' and they put 'lay' but they are right, the second is mum after the word my. They have capitalised it and I am right on that one, another is aunt, which again they have capitalised and I am sure I am right again. I have asked another author about this so wait to see her reply. There aren't many major changes at all so far, only minor ones like the above and changing wording and adding commas etc, which is good as the structure of the story stays the same. While I am proofreading it I am seeing what I have written and it is making me realise what I have done wrong with Allie. I can now see that I have made Allie more complex and deeper and need to make it simpler. So when I revise it I will take out a lot of the deeper stuff like what happens in the lessons and a bit about Georgina, and concentrate on the magic and entertaining side of it. I won't be doing any proofreading tonight, the next session is Friday afternoon when I am on leave. I am going to Neil Gaiman's talk at the LSE that evening and really looking forward to it.

Well, this is all for now. Back to work.

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