Monday, 20 October 2008

Allie progress

I am very busy with Allie right now after having a week off not doing anything with it. I have just started chapter 9, half way through her second week of magical experiences, and have made things rather difficult for her, as well as helpful. I have made her enemy try to get helpers to beat Allie but she isn't having any luck due to some of the teachers casting their own spells on her which affects the other girls, so Allie appears to win. And I have made more teachers have powers to help Allie and her battle. It now appears that there could be a new enemy on the arizon, who will turn out to be the father of the current enemy, and whom will appear in the third and final book of this set. He will be more powerful than his daughter, the current enemy, so therefore I will make the teachers more powerful to help the next candidate for the next book. I am really enjoying writing these books and am getting a buzz out of it, making me love writing even more than I usually do. I even came up with a brill idea on how to promote the books more if and when I get to do book signing for Rosie next year. I had the idea of creating a competition based on questions about the book with prizes of things mentioned in the book plus bits of my own promo products ie bookmarks, if I get those to use.

Well, this is my news for now. Must get back to proper work here.

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