Friday, 24 October 2008

My First Proofs

I got home yesterday from work to find a big white jiffy bag on my chair. I looked at the back to see whom it was from and it was from Pegasus (my publisher) and knew immediately what it was. I opened it up with anticipation and inside first proofs. I was so excited because to me this means that I am an author and a proper writer. According to my contract I have 21 days to proof read and change anything in the book and return it to them. This I will double check with my editor this morning. I will get cracking on it tomorrow afternoon. I haven't read it properly but what I have seen it seems not a lot of dramatic changes, more grammar and wording which seems OK to me. Will read it thoroughly tomorrow.

Have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow morning Mum and I are doing our weekly shop at Sainsbury's instead of Sunday because on Sunday Mum and I are going to Dad's flat to clear out a lot of his odds and ends. It has been decided that he won't be returning to his flat from hospital and will be going into a care home, so he will be getting more care than he has been getting which is a good thing. He wants to go to the care home he usually goes away on holiday to in Kent we shall have to wait and see. Then after Sainsbury's hopefully we will have time to go and visit Dad in hospital. Mum said that if he does get to go to Kent then I won't see him again this year as it's so far away.

Well, must get back to work now.

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