Sunday, 5 January 2014

My thoughts on TV documentary about Susan Boyle

I know it showed a few weeks ago but we recorded it and only watched it last night. I wasn't originally going to record it, but then it came out she has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, like me, so I was interested to see how she acted and coped with getting ready to do a live tour for the first time.

Watching her have tears of anxiety and nervousness before going on stage, I really related to that as a writer. I don't cry, but I do get v anxious and nervous before I do a talk/workshop when I get to do them. I know a lot of singers get stage fright before they go on stage, anyway. One thing I did relate to greatly was what her psychiatrist said about finding a niche you are good at and having support for it, because it gives you self-worth and self-esteem. I told my mum afterwards that that is why I like writing. It is something I enjoy doing, it gives me self-esteem and esp self-worth when I see on Smashwords that my earnings have gone up a bit more, like they did yesterday. Just knowing someone has downloaded a sample of one of my ebooks gives me self-worth.  Susan Boyle said she's a social lass, which is the opposite to me. But she has a v good singing voice, and when she sings she is good, and it probably takes her mind off the way she's feeling. Something like my writing does. When I write, it takes my mind off how I am and all the problems I have to face in life.

I am pleased I recorded it and watched it. I wish Susan Boyle all the best in touring. She is brave.

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