Sunday, 12 January 2014

My new year goals as an Aspie

I have already posted about my writing goals, now I am going to tell you the goals I have made for being an Aspie (a couple of them have not lasted already!).

1. Don't get frustrated with my mum when she is doing things for both of us eg using the TV remote control - not lasted.

2. Don't interrupt her when she speaks so I hear the full sentence and don't get it wrong - not lasted, either.

3. Try not to speak too abruptly that often - not done yet.

4. Try to be more understanding of Mum's health problems, too - trying.

5. Help more around the house - have been doing so.

So, are you an Aspie? Have you made new year goals or resolutions this year in regards to your Asperger's? If you have, let me know.

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