Sunday, 3 November 2013

Graphic novels - an early memory

Continuing the theme of graphic novels. I am now going to talk about my early memories of reading them. When I say novels, I mean comics, as they are thin graphic novels. I remember reading Beano and Dandy at the same time as my older brother. I don't recall reading things such as Jackie and My Guy. I liked annuals, too. I do remember reading the small graphic stories by Jackie etc. I used to collect them. They were a bit like pocket novels. Does any one remember what they were called? There is one I remember well. It was about four girls who liked different things eg reading, sports and they all went to jobs they thought were suited to them. The girl who liked reading ended up reading books instead of working and went to another job.  There was only one time that I did buy My Guy, and that was when they reprinted the story with Tony Hadley in. I was a huge fan of Spandau Ballet at the time, and anything with them in I collected.

So, that is my early memory of graphic novels. What is yours? What did you like best? Let me know.


Nick Cross said...

Hi Julie,

I loved Whizzer and Chips, and the Beano as a kid. I didn't read girls' comics (unsurprisingly), but we've since bought some Bunty and Judy annuals for our daughters and were surprised how much good reading there was in them, along with how many genre elements (ghosts, aliens etc.) they included. Modern magazines for girls seem very different!


Amanda Lillywhite said...

I did not read many of the English comics intended for girls - most of my childhood was in Australia. I am not familiar with Jackie or Bunty or Judy but I do remember one that had a girl with a magic pocket and I read a lot of Archie comics. Like you I much preferred Beano and Dandy anyway. My parents would buy Mad magazine and I loved reading that. Plus me and my brothers would buy our dad books of particular cartoonists at christmas and read them ourselves - Joliffe, Footrot Flats, Giles, tales from the far side and so on were family favourites.

Jan said...

i loved and still love Giles cartoons - especially Granma!

Julie Day said...

Thanks for all your comments. I read cartoons in the paper, and esp like Mandy in the Mirror. Also, Andy Capp can be funny at times.