Monday, 28 October 2013

A writer networking - an interesting conversation with a publisher

Last Thursday evening I made my way by bus to Holborn to a pub where members of SCBWI-BI were having a social get together. I don't normally like pubs and going to social events, but when it comes to meeting up with other writers, I don't mind because I can talk away about what I do happily. Anyway, after a while there and having eaten a nice steak with chips and cherry tomatoes, another member whom I'd met before arrived. His name was John Anderson. When I last met him I didn't know that he was a director of a small publisher. Well, I got to talking about my book for 7-9s called 'Boring Billy and the Strange Socks' and he said to me 'Have you thought about getting it published as a graphic novel?' I replied, no, don't know how to do that. He said to just write it. When I told him all about my book, he said he was interested in it and to message him on Facebook. I'd never thought at all about getting it published as a graphic novel just as a normal mainstream series book, but all the way home on the bus, that's what I thought about, and I realised it had great merit. Thinking about my book, I could see that lots of it was visual and would be great in graphic. The more I thought about it, the more I came to realise it had good potential. So on Friday, I messaged John asking what to do. He replied Saturday to say send them the usual partial. So that is what I have done. Now I wait to see what he says about the partial. I can't wait. The partial is still with one agent and two other publishers. I am now excited about the series again, and want to get working on the next book about Charlie and his dyspraxia. I need to finish a short story first and send that out.

Watch this space...

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