Thursday, 14 November 2013

Eating dinner out with food intolerances

Continuing my series about eating with food intolerances. Last month I went out twice and had dinner out. The first time was for a social (where I met the publisher). I actually looked on the pub's website to see what they cooked for food intolerances. There was only a few things that were dairy free but I decided to try the skinny steak and chips. I didn't know what the chips were cooked in but I like steak and chips. Here is the photo of what I ate.

I only had slight side effects from it but nothing major like I  have had before when I've eaten a lot of chips. I didn't eat the greens in the bowl on the plate, as I can't eat those, but I did eat the cherry tomatoes.

Next was a SCBWI masterclass. We preordered from a set menu. I chose the handmade burger with chips, without a roll. I enjoyed the meal, when chips finally were served to me, but was disappointed with the service which I thought was slow esp when the burger was served without the chips, like it had been on previous classes. No side effects from that at all. I was meant to have bacon with the tomatoes below but that never came, which really was a good thing as it made the meal a bit healthier to eat.

So, there you have it. What I ate on two events, and how it effected me or not. I think it is a good idea that pub's have their menus on the web so people can decide what they can eat before they go there. So well done both pubs for this.

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