Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Xmas food treats for people with food intolerances

Whilst I am printing off More Fish in the Sea to edit, I will blog about something close to my heart - food intolerances at seasonal times.

It is getting nearer to Xmas and by now I would normally have done all my shopping, but I have been so busy with other things going on in my personal life that I haven't this year. One thing that does come to mind is treats to eat at that time of year, esp when both my mum and I have food intolerances: me with dairy and soya, and Mum with gluten sensitivity and dairy. Over recent years and months I have found various alternatives to yummy eats that we can have and here are a few. Might blog about more nearer the time.

1. Sweets, or chocolate: I have discovered really nice choc buttons. Only come in a small packet but have found recently I prefer these to dark chocolae which I now find is too bitter tasting for me.

2. Biscuits: I think these are made by Dietary Special (can't remember exactly), but there are Free From Rich Tea biscuits. They don't quite taste like the real ones, but still taste delicious.

3. Puddings: We used to have a fruit strudel, but now Mum has gluten sensitivity we can't eat that. Last year we found a really gorgeous choc sponge pudding and sticky toffee one, both Free From. We have this with custard, which is made from soya, but it is a special time of the year. We did have this also with free from ice dessert but that is no longer available until the new year.

So those are my three known treats for people like me with food intolerances. Let me know if you find anything else like these. You can find these in the Free From or Well Being aisle in Sainsbury's.

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