Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lost in Distraction - a sign of Asperger's?

Something happened to me the other night on the way back from a writers' talk, which I am a bit embarrassed to admit.  I am not sure if it is a sign of Asperger's or not, and will ask at the end of this post if anyone knows. So, this is what happened.

I went to a talk by American author Bruce Hale. It was a really good talk (and I'll post about it next week), that I kept thinking about it on the train home from Charing Cross. My other excuse is that it was dark and I couldn't see the station sign properly. Anyway, I was on the train thinking about this talk that I got so distracted by my thoughts that when I came to, I heard the train voice announce that the next stop was New Cross. What! I thought. Oh no. I missed my stop. I had totally missed London Bridge. I phoned my mum to let her know and that I didn't know what to do. I got up and went to the doors and there I had an idea. I asked the others on the train where it went, and got my happy answer - two stops after New Cross was Lewisham, which was local to me. So that's where I ended up getting off. Then coming out of the station, it being dark, I wasn't sure where I was walking as I'm used to seeing the bus stop in the daylight. I thought I was going the wrong way (far away from the stop - I know different now) and I asked a couple. I went back the way I came and round the other side. I had to run for my bus. In the end though, I think there wasn't that much difference in time getting home that way than there would've been if I had gone home the normal way via London Bridge.

So, that's my story of distraction. Is there anyone out there that knows if getting lost in thoughts like that is part of Asperger's? I would love to know.


Nell Dixon said...

I've done this before - I have no sense of direction and frequently daydream lol

Julie Day said...

I have read that daydreaming can be creative. lol. Pleased I am not the only to have done this, although it was my first time. Usually keep an eye on where I am at.

Crazy Girl in an Aspie World said...

It totally is Julie. It reminds me of one of my many jobs. I had to be in work quite early each day, having organised children, family, being dressed, looking sensible and so on.
By the time I was halfway to work, I had drifted off into a dream, once I had done all of the above. I only 'came to' when I thought, "Gosh, those hills are looking big today."
I had driven past my stop and was on my way into the Lake District!
Very embarrassing, I had to turn around and make up a rational excuse as to why I was late.