Sunday, 7 October 2012

Research for Geraldine's Gems series

This is the second time I have written this as I accidentally clicked something and deleted it. So am now annoyed. Up until I began writing series that I self-epublish, I never used to do any research but I do now. Here is what I have done so far for my adult romance series 'Geraldine's Gems'.

One Good Turn - No research for the location as I used my imagination to picture a magical heaven where Geraldine and Keith meet. It is a magical place because when Geraldine wishes for something or wants something, it appears. Eg when she recalls going to the cinema with Keith when they were together, a cinema like the one they went to appears. I can have a good imagination when it comes to magical things. For the two characters I used stock photo websites such as istockphoto or

More Fish in the Sea - I imagined what a corporate office building was like from programmes I've seen on TV and put Mandy and Russ working there in different departments. The canteen where they go for lunch is one I've based on that was like the one at where I used to work. I have just added a scene where they go to have lunch by Southwark Cathedral. I used to work near there, so have used my memory of what it is like. I will Google a picture of it so I can write a more vivid description of it. For Mandy, I used a photo stock image to describe here, and for Russ I used a page out of my mum's mail order catologue and used that page to describe him when he visits Mandy for lunch at her house.

A Trouble Shared - I have used my memory of where I used to work at the start of my working life as the work place for Harry and Carol. The same canteen as above. The situation of how they get together is based on one I remember in real life at work some years ago. Again I used photo stock image websites to base my characters on.

Don't Get Mad - The layout of Sandra's house is based on mine, but the colours I am taking from a page out of a local free mag that came the other day. Her house will be one that was left by her ex husband to her. The health club she goes to, is based on the local one I went to a few months ago and had a tour given to me by one of the trainers there. It was originally based on one I used to go to years ago at work but will change it in the next draft. Also, they go to Horniman Gardens, which is local to me, and I went there a short while ago and the route I took with my mum, is the route they go in the story. When there, I made a note of the best place for a picnic with a child, and that comes out in the story. For the characters, Troy and Sandra, I used a photo website again. They are so good for finding characters.

So, where has your research taken you? And do you use photo image websites for your characters? Let me know.

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