Thursday, 4 October 2012

Composting eggshells - to do or not to do?

I am a keen recycler and composter, and hated it when my mum started to bin eggshells, which then went to landfill. Earlier in the year, when my mum had plants growing, she put eggshells broken up around the plants, only to find snails all round them, when the shells were meant to ward them off. Snails and snugs don't like crawling over bitty things. Then the other week my mum read in her garden magazine a reason not to put them on the compost. Like all cooked foods, they can attract vermin into your garden such as rats etc. Ugh. So, from now on, we put all eggshells into our bin that gets emptied into our black bin for landfill. They don't work around plants now, as they seem to attract snails instead of warding them off, and can attract vermin because they are cooked.

So, what do you do with your eggshells? Any ideas what I can do instead of binning them? I don't fancy rats and that in my garden. Let me know.


Heather Kilgour said...

They were great in our worm farm, but we had to make one out of a stainless steal shower base to keep the rats out.

Nell Dixon said...

We use them in compost but they aren't cooked. Never had any kind of vermin prob.