Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Growing chives and tomatoes

This year has been a bad year for growing vegetables, due to the weather we have had.  My mum grows chives at the side of our veggie patch and this year they have given us some good crops.  Up until a few weeks ago though, they started to become rusty coloured, so inedible. Mum cut them back and I thought that was it. No more chives. I was wrong.  They are starting to grow again and are looking better than before. Only little ones but still some.

The same can't be said for tomatoes. We have had some, but others haven't been very good. Lots of them have split due to the changing weather. They ripen when they get the sun, but then split when they get too wet, which they did with the pouring rain we had earlier this year. Some have still to ripen and we have left them in the hope that the weather stays sunny and dry so that they can ripen for us to eat. I'd say that we have had to compost about half of them due to them either being split or having spots on them, both which are inedible.

So, what luck or not, have you had growing veggies in your garden this year? Have you had the same problem I have had? Let me know.


Carolyn Hughes said...

Love my veggie patch, but can totally relate to your disappointing crop! Everything seemed so much harder this year - wet weather, slug invasions, pigeon attacks! My spuds were good for mini roasties only and my carrots came up all shapes. Have some hardy cabbage and brussels that are hanging on in there.
Thank you for letting me share!

maryom said...

We regularly get the rust problem with chives - and yes, if you cut them back they do grow again. Other veg has been very hit and miss this year. Early beans and peas were great then the rain hit! Tomatoes have been rubbish, partly because most were outdoors. We've had only a handful of carrots and no late turnips or swedes as we set just before another deluge and I think the seed floated away. It makes me realise how precarious life is if you're depending for food on what you actually grow rather than supermarket supplies.

Julie Day said...

Yes, our carrots came up all shapes. I think it was that there are a lot of stones under the earth that affected them, and like Maryom, we only had a handful. Our radishes were a no show again as they were all nibbled.

maryom said...

Our best radishes came from a mysterious "all shapes' pack from B+Q/ They all grow long and white like mooli but withstood this summer's weather better than 'normal' red ones.