Monday, 25 April 2011

Recycling coaching buddy

I went out for a meal with my friend Heather last Thursday at a local Chinese (mainly a takeaway so not nice and won't go there again). Anyway over the meal we got talking about things and I asked Heather if she would become my coaching buddy for when I start up my business. She said she'd be honoured. A coaching buddy is someone who encourages you when you feel down and rejected and cheers you on when you have something good to say or have just had something published. They help you along the way with smiles and happiness. I was so pleased. I then told Heather about my idea of a business plan and she said it was a very good one as I am passionate about recycling, and it turns out so is she. She lives in borough of Bromley where residents can recycle a lot of different plastics at home rather then take them to a recycling bank. I am so envious. I was so pleased to hear that she recycles a lot, even bringing it back from holidays. She is up for helping me with my idea and will let her know how I am going as I go along. Today I started working on my business plan, drafting out what I want my business to do for people and how I see it coming along in the near future. Next to work on is costs, competitors and suppliers.

Be back later in the week with how I am getting on with revisions for Georgina. Probably after Wednesday when I've met my crit group for the first time.

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