Sunday, 1 May 2011

April News

I can't believe that it's May already. Where does the time go?

Here is my news for April now it's May. I had a letter published in the local paper South London Press praising Lambeth council for making recycling compulsory for their residents. I wish it was the same for all councils. No payment for that. Then yesterday I got a letter from Amateur Gardening magazine to say that my letter will be printed in the next issue out on Tuesday and I won a £5 National Garden voucher. Took Mum over to the local garden centre earlier and she bought some flowers to put in the front garden with the voucher and gave me the money in exchange. Those are my successes for April.

On another writing front, I had my first critique group meeting on Wednesday and it was great. It is so helpful to have other people look at your work because you are so close to it when working on it that you can't see problems that other people can. I found this out and now have a lot more drafts to work on for Georgina. I think it will end up more like 35,000 words than 32,000 that it's now heading for. Was told by the group that it doesn't matter. I have decided to describe the classrooms and teachers more, just like Harry Potter (which I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying). This was one of the things that came up about my first three chapters, that I need to be more visual. I will now. I think I am going to have fun describing the rooms and teachers. Haven't thought about what the teachers look like yet apart from the Headmistress Mrs Zabberwol, she is stern normally but friendly and helpful to the girls when she is needed. Our next meeting is on 18 May and we'll be meeting at the National Theatre. Can't wait.

Will be buying Amateur Gardening on Tuesday for my letter.

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