Sunday, 13 February 2011

Writing round up

Well January was quite busy with my writing. Allie is coming along at a good pace now. Have more chapters than I originally did, with comments from Sue Hyams that I put in which made longer chapters, so split those into shorter chapters. Also hard at work emailing letters to magazines and have had luck so far with one published in Healthy. My last stories submitted to Creature Features magazine were published too, with the one before that being selected by the readers to be in the special volume coming out soon. Need to email the publisher to find out how to get that when it does come out and if I can buy some for people I know. Also the first two chapters of Allie went to the SCBWI slushpile challenge and now the agent is going to read them with the other 34 mss sent and will hear early March the result.

Meantime, this month I have a children's story nearly complete to send to an ezine, then will work on an adult story for a magazine and another for a competition. Whilst working on Allie still.

Next entry will be out recycling roundup.

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