Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rubbish Diet

As mentioned last time I am going to talk about the rubbish diet, which now that I am not working has gone downhill. I had been taking mixed plastics to work to recycle but now I'm home full-time I can't and have had to throw away a few already, which annoys me. So I have tried to make up for it by recycling as much foil as I can and keeping shiny wrappers to send off as much as I can. It's hard going and all I can do is wait for my council to come up with a plan for plastics. Someone else wrote up to the local paper the other day about it, so hopefully they will get the idea that it's more than one person who wants it.

Well, my Oxfam book event yesterday was a flop. We didn't know until the last minute that the day clashed with schools' sports days, and so no one turned up. The manager bought a copy from me though, which was good, so at least I had one sale in the end. She came up with the idea that next year if children's authors are to be involved then perhaps it should start a week before so that it doesn't clash with school events. So maybe next year it will be better.

Next time I will talk about the conference and what went on there. Nothing naughty when it is me, I can assure you. But others...

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Nell Dixon said...

Looking forward to seeing you at conference!