Monday, 12 April 2010

The Rubbish Diet Challenge

If you have been reading the last few entries here you will know that I have been trying to reduce my rubbish that goes to landfill. I had been doing quite well until yesterday. I had been putting dirty tissues and kitchen roll in the compost but it has proved to been too much and my mum has asked me not to put any more in for the next few weeks. There has to be a good mix of whites, greens and browns to get the compost to break down properly, and there is too much white stuff in there now. So yesterday I tried not to use too many tissues and kitchen roll. Started off OK. Didn't use kitchen roll when I ate a nectarine, and used a plate to put the pitta bread to thaw out and cool down on, and for putting the egg shells on for dinner, before putting them in the compost caddy. We shall see how it goes the next few weeks. I think so far in the bin there is one bag of rubbish and a small dirty cloth, but there maybe another bag put in there today from all our bedroom bins. I still think that we recycle more stuff than we send to landfill. My aim is to get it down to maybe a bag a fortnight.

Watch this space...

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