Tuesday, 9 December 2008

What a day!

It's been an odd day. It started off badly when the train I got on this morning to work developed a fault at the next station and the driver terminated the train and chucked us all off. I ended up 15 minutes late in and had to phone work to cover for me until I got in. Then at lunch time the fire alarm went off just as I'd got into writing Allie, so that was disturbed. Thankfully I managed to write some more when we finally were allowed back in. Then whilst my colleague was at lunch, my mum phoned me to say that the placement office dealing with my dad's care home plan had phoned to say that the hospital wants all patients in Dad's ward out for Christmas so we had to find another care home. She gave Mum the name of one right near us which Mum went to see and quite liked. The home that we liked hasn't got back to us yet. The officer said that she has now been told the rooms won't be ready until after Christmas and maybe not until Jan or Feb. I tell you, what are they playing at? I just hope that this home will take Dad and he gets in there before Christmas. Then we can declutter the house ready for Christmas as all the rest of Dad's belongings we have in our house, including his armchair which is taking up space in our living room. Watch this space.

Let's hope tomorrow is a good day with better news.

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