Wednesday, 17 December 2008

First draft finished

I finished writing the first draft of Allie yesterday and it was a good feeling. All I have to do now is to type up the rest of it (a chapter and a bit), print that off then start editing from the beginning. I know I have a lot to cut out because so far I have typed it up as 58,000 words and I want it to be only 45,000. I more or less know what I want or need to cut so that's a start. I might start doing that next week and have a break the rest of this week from writing.

I have decided that come the new year I want to write more stories and letters than I did this year. I have ideas for one of the magazines I subscribe to for stories, one of which is already written and probably will send that off in the new year. I also want to work on a story I had previously entered for a competition which didn't get anywhere and enter that for another competition, oh, that is as well as working on my novella Checkmate. Seems I am going to be busy writing over the holiday, but I don't mind because that is what I want to do.

Well, must get back to work now. See you soon.

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