Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Roads, anxiety and lockdown

 I know that a lot of people, especially those with autism like me, had anxiety issues during lockdown. I did too. It wasn't just the unknown of it all and the uncertainty but how it affected my anxiety about going out on my own. Up until March I had been going really well. I had been able to cross my road on my own, walked ahead of my mum down the roads and in the shops with more confidence. And then, wham, came the lockdown and we couldn't go out unless absolutely necessary. Now that we are able to get out again for shopping, I have lost that bit of confidence. I am OK when it comes to walking about in our local chemist as the floor is flat but crossing the road is another matter. It isn't just me, it's my mum. She finds it hard to walk anyway, but I believe that because we hadn't been able to get out and walk, it has made her feet and ankles even worse and more swollen, making it harder for her to get out again. She can't walk on her own without me anymore, esp crossing the road. So that has gone for me for now. I feel that maybe in time I will get that confidence back and be able to get out on my own again. I felt that way before the lockdown. I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel and I could get somewhere on my own. We shall see. It will come. I will have to keep telling myself that.

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Patsy said...

The uncertainty has been very unsettling – and there's so much conflicting information and advice that it's still ongoing. Things will improve I'm sure, but it's hard not knowing when that will be.