Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Where I Write

So, where do I write? I have to have a solid surface to write on, and I can spread out any pens and notes I might also need, as well as my Ipad I now use for research purposes as I write.  At home, I write at the dining table, which we don't use that often. We have our meals in the kitchen.

When I am away, like I was two weeks ago, I had to write at tables and desks. Here are the two rooms I wrote in at Dunford House.

The main meeting room, where talks were held. That's my purple jacket you see.

And in the library, where I would go if there was a talk on.

I got a lot of writing done like this, esp as I was on my own in the rooms.

So, where do you write? Do you prefer to write on hard surfaces where you can spread all your writing gear? Let me know.


Marian Green said...

I have just discovered I have rituals for my writing, Julie. We are moving house and have packed a lot of stuff up. I had a room set up for my writing - bookshelves, desk, printer, drawers with pens , paper etc - looking out over the sea.
I am finding it difficult at the moment as we have someone in my room using it as a bedroom. But worse than that, all my papers and books have been packed and although I still have some notebooks and am jotting bits down, I find there are things i can't work without, my thesaurus for instance. It will be such a relief to get my own sppace again after the weekend.. Can't wait...
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Julie Day said...

Marian, I do hope you get your writing space back soon. Could you use the kitchen in the meantime? Good luck with the unpacking etc, and hope it's not too stressful for you.