Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Pricing strategy results

Well, I had put up most of the prices of my ebooks at the start of the year, mainly because I now consider myself an established ebook author and because of the new EU VAT law. Since I have done that, the results are that I have had no sales at all. None. Zilch. I am still getting downloads for 'Railway Angel' but that one is perma-free. So, I have had a rethink. Here is what I have done:

Any ebooks that are the start of a series, or are 7500 words or under, are now 0.99 cents.
Any ebooks that are between 7500 and 10,000 words are now 1.99
Any ebooks that are between 10,000 and 15K are now 2.99
Any ebooks that are between 15 and 25K will be 3.99. The only one at this price is 'Don't Get Mad'.

I asked a question about pricing to ALLi's regular Hangout. I asked do they price their ebooks based on how long they have been an indie author or on length. The answer I got from Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn was by length and to spread the prices. This is what I have now done. Thanks, Joanna.

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Amanda J Harrington said...

I had to do the same and haven't seen as much of a difference as I expected but I've had quite a few more returns. I guess people are less likely to return if they pay less?
Also, just a thought but I wonder if you should change your bio on here as you say you are unemployed as well as a writer etc. I don't think you should consider yourself unemployed at all, you're a very busy person who writes, gives talks, consults, blogs and so on!