Sunday 9 February 2014

Writing goals for 2014 - an update

Last month I wrote about what I wanted to do in writing this year. Thought I'd give you an update on how it is going for me.

1. I said that I wanted to try to write poetry. I have so far written 1 1/2 poems about having Asperger's. I want to attempt to do more to make a whole book, which I might try to get published or self-publish.

2. I was going to pitch to US magazines about birds. I have queried one magazine and wait to hear from them. Have pitched another but got rejected as they have too many mss to put in their small magazine. I have found another magazine and will read their guidelines and pitch to them.

3. Want to get my 7+ children's books published. Waiting to hear from publisher. He has started to read my ms and working out how to turn it into a graphic novel.

4. My goals for this month were to finish current drafts of my 7+ book and my next Angel ebook. Getting there with the first - on the last chapters. Half way there with Angel ebook. Hope to finish both by end of the month or at least the next goal setting brunch in March.

So, how are your writing goals going? Let me know in the comments below. Also, would anyone of be interested in a free 'goal-setting' sheet to work on so you don't stray from your goals? Let me know below as I am planning to do one for my internet marketing blog followers who like my posts about planning and goals.


Candy Gourlay said...

Impressed! Go, Julie! My goal for February is to write every morning without fail. I did miss my slot last Sunday but an awful lot of ironing did get done. Which meant i achieved my other goal which was to spend more time in the Real World. Hopefully back on track now.

Heather Kilgour said...

Thanks Julie, this post has made me realise how bad I am at sticking to my goals. I've had a project I've been meaning to do for years but I always let everyday events displace it. I guess my goal for the year is to keep focused on my actual goal.

Julie Day said...

Keep with the goals, Candy and Heather. Heather, perhaps you can try to get to the next goal-setting brunch in March. I am planning on working on a goal-setting sheet like the SCBWI one for my other blog followers, if you are interested. Let me know.

Jan Carr said...

So impressed Julie. That is application! (Just decided - a month and a half late - that 'application is my word for 2014)

Unknown said...

Wow, Julie. You've certainly put me to shame. Well done for being so dedicated!

Julie Day said...

Sounds like most of you need to come to the goal-setting lunches we have in Holborn. If any of you are interested in getting a goal-setting sheet from me, then I will work on it and post it somewhere.