Friday, 24 May 2013

Question Time - Need ideas

I have lots of ideas for pitches of articles about living with Asperger's Syndrome, but my main ideal would be to have a column for a year or so in a magazine. I have thought of 8 ideas already on 'how to cope with AS and anxiety' but need a few more if I were to have a year to do it.   Here are the ideas I've come up with already. How to cope with AS and anxiety ...

1. At Christmas
2. If you get lost by going to a new place
3., Going to social events
4. At primary school
5. At secondary school
6. Starting work
7. With family at home
8. If you are bullied
9.  With friendship

Would be glad to have more ideas so when I come to pitch a column later on I have plenty to give and impress.

Look forward to hearing from you all. I will be putting a message about this on FB and possibly Twitter.


Nell Dixon said...

How about: going on holiday, dating, taking exams, attending interviews,leaving home, being a parent.

Julie Day said...

Thanks, Nell. Let's write those ideas down. Although I can't do the last one, not being a parent. Maybe I could, in the perspective of my mum. Don't know about dating, unless I ask on FB, or leaving home as I haven't.