Sunday, 7 April 2013

March stats for all my ebooks

I thought I'd do a table of stats of how many ebooks I sold in February, so here I go.

At the end of Feb the stats were as follows:


Railway Angel =   5260
Racing Angel    =  49
One Good Turn  = 26
Quest                  = 9
More Fish           = 7
Trouble Shared  = 18
Railracing Angels = 12
Don't Get Mad      = 6

The end of March they were as follows:

Railway Angel = up 37 to 5297
Racing Angel   = the same
One Good Turn = the same
Quest                 = up 1 to 10
More Fish         = the same
Trouble Shared = up 3 to 21
Railracing Angels = up 4 to 16
DGM the same

On Kobo I sold 1 copy of The Railracing Angels, which makes me happy as I know that people do like it.

On Amazon I sold 3 copies of Quest and 1 of Railracing Angels, and got 89 free downloads of Railway Angel.

So, I am very happy with these stats. I have now earned $37.04 on Smashwords. Not sure about Amazon, although royalties have started to trickle in to my account. Hurrah.


Deborah Carr said...

Congratulations. Here's to many more sales.

Julie Day said...

And to you, Deborah. Shows that ebooks are a slow burner.

kathryn evans said...

Well done Julie x