Friday, 17 August 2012

Blog Party for One Good Turn

I am hoping that my first romance enovella 'One Good Turn' will be out by the end of next week. I am waiting for the final proofs from my editor and the proper sized covers for each website, then it can be all systems go for it. A few days after that, in two weeks time, I plan to have a blog party for a few days to celebrate the start of my romance writing career (there are six more stories to come in the series of this one and I have others, inc a similar story, I have planned). I will put a notice out on FB and Twitter when it comes out, and when the party starts. I need to do a schedule of what I want to do for it, but I do know that there will be a question for everyone to answer relating to the enovella. And there will be a prize for the best answer.

I won't be having a physical launch as yet. If the short story I am currently revising for an anthology coming out in October gets accepted for it, then I will have one for that and include promotion for the romance and my YA novellas.

So, watch out for messages from me announcing the start of a blog party. I can't wait.  See you soon.

My next post will be about the stats of how many ebooks I have sold so far, before the start of my romance series comes out. I want to compare it to what effect having published a romance has on it all, as I have read that romance writers earn 170% more than their peers. We shall see.


Nell Dixon said...

Good luck with the launch! You're welcome to guest post for me on my blog when it releases, just give me a shout.

Julie Day said...

OK, thanks I will, Nell. I hope to release it the end of next week.