Sunday, 15 April 2012

Reaching readers across the world

One reason I wanted to write ebooks was to expand my readership for the present and future. Esp as I knew that lots of people were buying ereaders. But I didn't expect the readership to reach across the world. Now and then I check my sales with Smashwords and Amazon for my Angel ebooks. Well, the other day I checked them out and got a surprise. There were 2 sales: one from the US and one from Canada. I thought wow! I am reaching readers across the world, and from places I have never been to. This really astounded me. And it has inpsired me to keep going with the ebooks series.

There is one other way that I am reaching readers around the world. I contribute to a small press magazine called Creature Features. Now this is really international. The publisher/editor lives in Cyprus, and this is where the magazine is posted from. And the readers and contributers live around the world. They come from Brazil, India, US, Rumania, Australia and New Zealand, as well as little old UK. Truly international. I might have to think about advertising my ebooks there, and see what response I get back, as they are more wide reaching than I get now as I have yet to reach those countries for the ebooks as they don't get published there. We shall see.

Next post will be out the London Book Fair, as I will be visiting that next week to see what publishers are publishing for 6-9 year olds right now.

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