Saturday, 7 April 2012

Notepads and pens - where do you keep them?

As a writer, I am often reading that you should keep paper and pens with you wherever you go. So, where do you keep your pads and pens? In places where you can get to them easily? I have mine in the main rooms I go in in the house: living room, dining room and my bedroom. Here's where:

Living room - I have paper (scrap from a daily calender) and pen on the coffee table, which is in front of my armchair. V easily to lean forward and get what I need when I have an idea. I also have paper and pens in my handbag.

Dining room - paper and pen on my computer desk. Also on the litle phone cabinet. Ideal for when I get an idea whilst on my computer and jot down what comes to mind.

My bedroom - I have a pad and pen on my bedside cabinet. Handy for when I wake up during the night (often) and want to write down ideas for scenes or books. Very useful. I couldn't go without these in this room. Often I get ideas in the quiet, and know if I don't write them down I won't be able to get back to sleep again, even if I do have to put my lamp on.

Do you keep paper and pens to hand? And where?

The next post will be about readers across the world.

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