Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Goals for 2008

I have already made up some goals to reach for 2008, but I have changed one slightly. When I went to the RNA SE London Xmas lunch the other week I told one person my goals and this is what they are.
1. To finish Bug and send it to a critigue service. This is what has changed. I have been reading my home email loops on children's writing and read that people are sending their mss to agents. Also, my stars said yesterday to have more faith in myself, so instead of sending the book for critique I am going to send it to an agent or two. I have almlost finished typing up the first draft and am now revising Chapter 9 and probably 10 this week. I still have to print chapters 12-14 and will do that over the Xmas break and sort out the synopsis too.
2. While that's at an agent, I will type up a novella I have already written and started typing and will try to get that e-published. I have an e-publisher in mind for that.
3. Once I've done that I will work on Forgotten Memories and finish that and try to get that e-published by the same e-publisher I have in mind.

Watch this space.

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