Sunday, 24 September 2017

An Aspie and her anxiety

My anxiety about going out has come back. I believe it is because after I had the kidney infection, I stayed indoors for over a week, with the only outside space I went to being the garden. I can go over the road to get the paper OK. But when I go shopping locally, I've felt my stomach flip with anxiety either before I go or within half an hour of being out. This causes an IBS flare up.

On Friday, I went shopping with my mum. I was fine before we went, so I thought that I would be OK. But, no, just as the bus got to the centre, I felt my stomach flip. I tried to put my anxiety into words; why did I feel anxious? I've been here before and I was OK. (Something I read to do in the current issue of Top Sante). It worked for a while but after walking round shops for half an hour, I had to stop. Luckily the centre has public toilets where I went. I was fine after that. It is so frustrating to me me and my mum as I feel that it spoils the shopping trip for us. I might have to sit for longer before I go out, or try the talking out my anxiety more. I hope to get back to normality soon.


Heather Kilgour said...

Hang in there Julie.

Patsy said...

THe anxiety sounds awful, but it does seem that stopping and thinking why you fely anxious and reminding yourself you'd coped before helped a little. Perhaps talking it through with someone would help?

Julie Day said...

It seems to be easing off whenever I go out now, thank goodness. There are two things that help me: taking a couple of sprays of Rescue Remedy, and being able to go to the loo before I go out. Both seem to settle my stomach beforehand.