Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Me, Asperger's and Trust Games

When I was a child I hated playing games where you had to trust someone eg leap frog. You had to trust the person you had to leap over not to move. I never could, which is why I wouldn't play it. The other game I hated, and esp in swimming, was when you fell back, trusting others to catch you. I never trusted the others to catch me properly, fearing that that I'd fall to the ground and hurt myself. I refused to do it. I also steered away from people when it was my birthday, afraid they would want to give me birthday bumps. No fear.

Trust games I call them, also happened in gym lessons, when you had to do handstands and get your team/partner to hold you up. I could never trust that person/people to do it, always scared that they'd drop me. I hated it and refused to go upside down. It made me go dizzy anyway, so never did them.

So, did you have problems with trusting other people like I did when you were a child? Esp if you have Asperger's like me. Be interested to know if it's an Aspie thing or normal. Let me know.

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