Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Me, Asperger's and parks

I remember when I was little and used to go to the park with my family. I only went on certain play apparatus. I hated going on the roundabout because I feared that I would get off at the wrong time and fall and hurt myself. I never could judge when to get off. It also made me dizzy. I hated going on slides, too, cos of the heights, and again falling and hurting myself. The one thing I didn't mind was the swings, but I didn't want to go too high because of the height and the fear of falling. We used to have a swing in the garden. First it was a normal swing but later on it became a tyre, which was fun. It all went old and rusty, and we got rid of it years ago. There was one thing I do remember I liked in parks, which you don't see nowadays, do you remember the drinking taps? You either pressed or pushed on a button or lever and the water would spurt out, and you would have to put your mouth under it to catch the water. I liked that. Probably against hygiene rules now, though.

So, when you were little and visited parks, were there apparatus that you avoided? Why? Be interested to know.

These memories will appear in a memoir I plan to write later on sometime.

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