Sunday, 27 March 2016

Writing mermaid stories

I know this is the second post this week, but I had to tell you about what I am writing these days. I am an indie children's author and my current wip is the third and final mermaid story in a trilogy. This is Aliona's story about coming of age, finding out about herself and finding her soul mate. I can't remember who mentioned it to me (might be my editor), but someone said to me that I need to let the reader know that it is in a sea world. I have made sure of that in this ebook, as there are fish, anemones, sea horses and there will be sea turtles. I am loving writing this book because I have made the sea creatures talk, and the other main reason I like writing mermaid stories is to mention one of the things that I am passionate about - helping to protect sealife. This is why I changed the metadata on the other mermaid stories to be about 'environment'. I believe I have mentioned plastics and other rubbish such as nets that go into the sea and harm the creatures. There will be a drastic scene at the end of this story called 'The Ring Quest', which gives Aliona the career she decides she wants...

So, if you love mermaids and the environment, then my mermaid 'quest' stories are for you. They are for children aged 9-12 years-old, and available on all digital platforms.

The first story is about Delta, and is called 'The Quest'. And is available here*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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