Friday, 8 January 2016

My writing diary - Week 1

I have been reading an ebook by Monica Leonelle where she has written a blog diary about her writing life and how much she writes during the day. So, I thought I might start one, too, beginning with this week. I know the week hasn't finished yet.

I write in 30 minute blocks because that is all my brain can take with writing in one go.

Day 1 - Sunday
Typed up changes to story called 'Alarm Bells'. This story is now on hold while I think about it some more, as I am not used to writing romance.

Typed up more of the pocket novel called 'Checkmate' and printed off another couple of chapters. Word count at time to typing was 44484, but after revising it had up to 44625.

Day 2 - Monday
Cleaning first thing.
I put 'Alarm Bells' on the story blog, and it was the comments I got on that that made me decide to put it aside for now.
Started writing first Xmas story. This is aimed at the People's Friend. 395 words.
Revised more 'Checkmate' and because I deleted a scene, it has now gone down to 44146.

Day 3 - Tuesday
Wrote more of the Xmas story. Typed that up later in the day. Word count now 514.
Wrote more of 'Checkmate;

Day 4 - Wednesday (business/author day)
I emailed my lists about points of view with an exercise.
I read my author client's second picture book story and added another scene.
I read his first story and matched up the illustrations with where I asked for them.
Later, I had time to work on the Xmas story. Word count is now 899

Day 5 - Thursday
Wrote more of the Xmas story.
Put on another short story to the story blog.
Typed up Xmas story additions. Word count is now 1458.

Day 6 - Friday (today)
Wrote more of the Xmas story.
Emailed an article to editor of an emagazine.
Listened to two podcasts of 1st module to a course.
Wrote some more of the story.
If I have time later, I might write more as it's near the end of it.
Read comments for the second story I put on the story blog, and now have a lot of thinking to do.

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