Sunday, 6 July 2014

Eating out - on a yacht hotel

Friday just gone, I went to meet my friend and coach, Rebecca Woodhead, and fellow affiliate marketer, Lynda Kenney - on a yacht hotel called The Sunborn London near Excel London. Yes, it is that huge. Couldn't believe it was that when I got there.

 Rebecca got stuck in traffic and didn't arrive until 7.30pm, and I had got there two hours earlier, being early for our meeting. We were due to meet at 6pm, I got there early because I like to leave early to find a place if it's new to me. So, whilst I waited, I had dinner and drinks, in the meantime getting texts and phone calls from Rebecca to say where she was and what was happening.

I had pineapple juice and for the meal I had burger and chips. I forgot to say no cheese with the burger to start, so when I was served it I checked inside, found cheese and asked for one without, apologising. A while later, after I had eaten a couple of chips, burning my mouth, it arrived - like this:

There is tomato and onions in there with bacon on top. I took out the tomato and onions to eat on their own as veggies. I can tell you, it was tasty. Not had a burger like that in a while. I enjoyed it.
I shall post next week about what I overcome to get to the yacht and enjoy the evening with Rebecca and Lynda.


Rebecca Woodhead said...

Lol. I sound awful!!

For the benefit of readers... Julie got there early, so I wasn't two hours late. For 'got stuck in traffic' read 'was parked on motorway' and Julie forgot to mention that I called her before she got to the yacht, guided her there, and then arranged for her to have that meal and anything else she desired - charged to my room - while she waited. I also skipped eating so that she would not be further delayed as her comfort and happiness was way more important to me than my own. I then attended to Lynda, so did not eat until 5am the following morning. Long story involving my own health challenges with which I shall not bore you.

Julie, I would never in a million years have wished that delay on you. It was wonderful to see you and I'm glad the staff followed my strict instructions to treat you like royalty and make any alterations you desired as you waited. I look forward to seeing you again.

Julie Day said...

So sorry that I worded it wrong. Never meant it to come out that way.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Lol! No problem. Wish I had had a helicopter to fly over the traffic.