Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My March goals - for writing

On 2 March I went to another SBCWI brunch for goal setting. We told our successes and why we hadn't done any goals. Then had to set our goals for March. Here are mine:

My main goals for this month are to submit either an idea for an article or a whole article to magazine, one fiction and one non-fiction. How am I getting on? Not that well. I had a bad cold last week so didn't do much apart from getting my next romance book ready to epublish. I managed to write  half a non-fiction article and need to type up the other half. Fiction, I started highlighting and changing repeated words for a story to send to a womag. Have to get on with those once I have published Don't Get Mad. And it will be on my laptop as my desktop's hard disk is failing and I am afraid to use it incase it fails full stop.  Hopefully this time next week I will have done more.

So, what goals have you got this month? And how far are you with them?

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Amanda Harrington said...

I save everything onto a portable hard drive that plugs into the computer. So, I save on the computer then on the hard drive (and I often print out too!). Can you tell I've learned my lesson the hard way?
Hard drives are really good as they can save an awful lot of data but it's also worth using a flash drive if you don't want to spend as much.
Sometimes, computers are just a pain, even though they are so useful in other ways. Losing work must be the biggest fear.