Thursday, 27 September 2012

Recycling plastic bottles - Do you?

I am now merging my naturally greeny blog with this one, as being green is also who I am as well as being a romance and children's writer. I decided this after reading a recent blog post by Kristen Lamb (check out her blogs and ebooks - she is a social media expert).  So, here I am blogging about recycling plastic bottles. Why? Something I read recently in a magazine made me want to write about it. I was originally going to email a letter to the magazine but kept forgetting, so decided to write about it all here.

The magazine was 'Cook Vegetarian' and was on their 'Do Your Bit' page. It was headlined Give your recycling some (plastic) bottle! The plastic bottle was invented in 1947, and did you know, that we get through a massive 15 million of them every day in the UK.  But just under half of these are only recycled. Why?  On one hand this shocked me, on the other it didn't. I remember seeing a TV programme over the last couple of years where members of the public were asked to put in boxes items they thought could be recycled. Most of them didn't realise that plastic bottles could be. Now that is the one plastic that is recycleable everywhere. So, do you recycle all your plastic bottles? It doesn't have to be just the milk bottle, but shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles etc. If you don't, next time you have a plastic bottle or go to chuck it in your black bin (the landfill one) think about this - If we all made the effort to recycle one more bottle every year, then we could save enough energy to power 71,000 plasma screen TVs indefinitely. And every bottle you recycle saves enough energy to power a 60W lightbulb for six hours. (I actually wrote something like this in my second Green children's book, where it saved energy for a computer).

So, do you have the bottle to recycle plastic bottles? This is one of my green messages to you.


Nell Dixon said...

Our council doesn't recycle plastic - only paper, glass and metal

Julie Day said...

Lobby to them, is what I say. Write to them asking why. I thought everyone was able to, now I know. Plastic bottles are one of the things that is easiest to recycle into something else.

Logan J. Skew said...

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