Sunday, 24 June 2012

Romance writing success

I first started writing romance in 2000 (or it might've been 1999), after I had a dream that wouldn't go out of my brain. So I decided the only way it would, was to write it down.  Once I began writing, the ideas kept on coming.  I have written 4-5 romance mss over the years but none of them have come to anything - yet.  I have had the odd romance short story published is small press magazines but nothing major - until now.  2012 is the year that my romance writing is finally taking off.  I signed a contract with an epublisher at the start of the year for six short stories that are linked by one character, and the first one is hopefully out end of this month.  It is called 'One Good Turn' and is about Geraldine, who has died and gone to Heaven. But she can only enter Heaven if she gets her ex lover back to the happy and nice person she used to know, and in doing so, she finds love again and becomes a better person.  Then decides she wants to help her relatives on Earth and show them she can be a nice person - and there are the following stories.  It has now been extended to seven stories.

But...before they are released I have had another success.  I recently had a story called 'The Cameo Brooch' published on a website called Box of Words  It is available for 99p or $1.55 (if you live in US/Canada).  I have had one person buy my story so far. The story is about Archie, who finds a cameo brooch from his aunt, and doesn't know why his customers won't buy it.  Until he meets the woman of his desires, she buys it and it treats her right - it has previously hurt its other customers.  If you like romance with magical realism (the brooch has magical powers), then you will like this story.  Go on, I dare you, check it out.  Oh yes.  And 20% of the proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support.  Please help fellow authors and a charity at the same time.

So with the short story out there, and my first major romance ebook soon to come out, my romance writing is finally bearing fruit.  Hurrah.  I have an idea already for my first romance novel, which I plan to start work on next year and hopefully get accepted too.


Stephanie said...

Congrats on your success, Julie!
Your short story series sounds adorable--keep on working on the novel writing too!
Best wishes for your continued success!
Stephanie Queen

Susan Bergen said...

You made it, Julie. I'm sure all that build up has only served to make you a superb writer. Lots of luck with your current and future work.

Julie Day said...

Thank you, ladies. I think you might be right, Susan, in that all the writing I've done over the years has made me a better writer.

Rhonda Hopkins said...

Congrats, Julie! It sounds like 2012 is your year. Here's to much success!

Rhoda Baxter said...

2012 sounds like a good year. It's amazing how these things gather momentum. Congratulations!