Friday, 7 October 2011

Writing for the US

I am sorry but have been rather lapse with this blog recently. Have been busy working on my teen ebook and not been well. I have a cold now but here I am.

Last time I said that I'd write why writing for the US excites me. There are two reasons: series and paranormal.

Once I have finally finished Georgina (have another two drafts to complete first), I am going to start writing a series of paranormal romances. This is why I am excited about what I learnt at Janet's talk in July. Paranormal adult romances aren't really that known over here but in the US they are, and Janet has told us that the US prefer series rather than stand-alones. I have drafted an outline of each book I plan to write in the series but need more research, such as looking for pictures of the characters so I can describe them more in the books.

The other reason I got excited was the mention of ebooks. The US like ebooks, and this is where my new teen ebooks can help me. I am thinking that if I start off slow with publishing short ebooks about paranormal/angel teen ebooks, then who knows who might get to see them and pay attention to me and my writing. We can but hope.

So I now have a plan for this: Plan A - once I have finished submit it through the RNA's NWS scheme and try for a UK publisher (have a few in mind). Plan B - if not successful then, try for a US publisher, and there are lots more there than here. If still not successful (I'm not giving up), I am going the ebook route again myself.

So watch this space...

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