Thursday, 1 September 2011

August roundup

So what did I get up to and do in August. Well, first off I had a letter in Full House magazine, which I have yet to be paid for. I eagerly await cheque so I can put it in my bank account.

I did two library events: the first one was a failure as only my friend and her son turned up and they had given me a lift to the library. The second one I waited an hour and a half before two children joined me to do a collage. Pictures will soon appear on my website.

As well as working on Allie, now on Chapter 6, I have been working on the first of a series of supernatural and magical ebooks for teenagers about a team of teenage ghosts called 'The Guardian Angels.' That is currently with a copyeditor/proofreader and I wait her comments on the revisions of it. I had to make it into one pov and change the age of the person the main character, Lizzie, is tested on. It was a man but now a teenage boy. I have been drafting the layout of the school and rooms there and have in mind to do a website esp for this. I've been researching other teen authors to see what theirs look like and what is on it.

Last night I had a brainwave in bed. I thought of another series of ebooks connected to the Angels - what happened to the teenagers that they saved from ending their lives? So that is what I wrote down. I can't wait.

Next week I will be posting about writing romance in the US, as I went to a talk in July from an author who lived over here and has gone to live there recently and how she has found it there.

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