Friday, 4 September 2009

Book sale

I sold another copy of Rosie yesterday. My mum was out shopping when she bumped into a woman she knows to talk to up our road. They got chatting about decorating as the woman is currently redecorating her house and Mum said to her come and see what I have done. So Mum showed the woman around the house and she happened to see my books and commented that I was clever as she couldn't write a book at all, and wondered if she could have a copy. I was going to charge her full price but Mum said that she is in a bit of dire straits at the moment so I gave her a small discount and sold a copy. I might get some more order as the woman said she knows lots more mothers and would show them her copy. Mum told her to tell the mothers that it will be full price for adults. I only give high discount to children at schools as they don't get much money. We shall see what happens.

Had another email today from another school. Got my email and will be forwarding it to their literacy coordinator, so shall have to wait and see if anything comes from that. I might hear from the other school that showed interest next week as they only reopened today for the new term. Will let everyone know here if I hear anything.

Only 13 mins to go until we go home. Hurrah.

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